We're not playing
with house money Let us explain

We decided to become venture operators based on our own growth ambitions. In doing so, we’re taking calculated risks so that all stakeholders win.

Our playbook for building digital brands


The concept of building a digital brand is easy, but selecting the right opportunities and executing the right plan is what differentiates small versus significant outcomes. We’ve developed a proprietary playbook for how to evaluate brands, build audiences, and establish revenue operations that helps us produce the predictable results needed to build valuable brands that do good in the world.

Our formula for success

Winning in a demanding game requires Grit. We approach all of our digital brands with our Growth Takes Grit Formula for predictable success.

  • Great Strategy
  • Relentless Execution
  • Intentional Collaboration
  • Tenured Talent

Recent brands we've built

Being the armchair quarterback is no fun; so we thought it was time to get in the game. We scaled betterpet.com—a proprietary asset that gives pet parents the veterinarian-backed advice they deserve—pioneering the latest SEO and content strategies and staying up-to-date on algorithm changes that impact performance.


We expect the hearing health, more specifically the hearing aid market, to grow by upwards of 7% CAGR by 2028; making it a $10B+ market. However, there are few trusted and quality sources of information about hearing aids on the web. Which is why we launched Audiologists.org, a web guide that provides scientifically based and medically sound advise to seniors looking for hearing aids and hearing health information online.

Visit Audiologists

How our digital brands impact our stakeholders

    Unlock value for entrepreneurs who sell to us

    We support business owners by either buying their business or by taking a majority stake and leveraging our expertise and resources to accelerate greater value creation for all parties. We can offer internet entrepreneurs competitive valuations and fast closing.

    Guarantees thoughtful stewardship of our agency clients

    Being a strategic customer of our agency guarantees that we will always be on the forefront of innovation and fully in touch with the value of every dollar deployed (whether ours or our clients).

Meet Grit's venture

There’s no substitute for experience. Our team brings 30+ years of experience in running digital brands. We
also have 50+ years of SEO experience from some of the best digital marketing organizations in the world, such
as Red Ventures, Lending Tree, and others that provided us the opportunity to scale brands from humble
beginnings to seven-figure exits.

Alex Johnson


Paul Southerland

President of Growth

Ian Howells

Head of SEO

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