We enhance commerce content at scale

    We make it really easy for the publishers

    While the competition may be stiff, experience can carry you to the promised land. Here are three ways that we help cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between media brands and advertisers.

    We bring thoughtful and quality deals to the table

    While the goal is generally to make money, these publishers aren't blood sucking vampires. They truly care about producing quality content. We know that part of winning is bringing the right brands to the right publishers with the best deals, which sets us up for the win-win-win!

    We are really good at SEO content

    While, yes, these domains generally carry the kind of authority that makes it feel like it is publish → rank automatically, that doesn’t mean it's that easy. There are a lot of strong domains out there, so the ultimate differentiator still falls on the quality of the content, which is where we excel.

The brains behind the operation

We have assembled a superstar team across SEO, affiliate marketing, and
editorial content who make all of this possible.

Paul Southerland

President of Growth

8 years at Red Ventures

4 years as head of Growth for Elements Brands

Founder of Betterpet.com (acquired)

Ian Howells

Head of SEO

Former Director of SEO at Red Ventures and Lending Tree

Founder of Traffic Think Tank (acquired by SEMRush)

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