What Worked Yesterday
Doesn’t Today.

Have you ever woken up in a sweat after experiencing an algo update nightmare that tanked your site's traffic by 50%? Yeah, neither have we (😅). While SEO can be an incredibly fruitful channel, it is also scary because of the inherent dependency on Google’s algorithm changes.

Things change fast in SEO, so amidst the chaos, you
have to have a team and process you can trust.

The 20-Mile March
to SEO Success

Jim Collins writes about the qualities of a 10xer in his book Great by Choice. One characteristic is what he calls the 20-mile march. Said simply, no matter if the conditions are sunny and 75 or rainy, windy, and -10, you find a way to march 20 miles each day. Easier said than done, but here are some of our SEO marching orders that we’ve developed to deliver consistent results despite Google’s ever-changing nature.

SEO Marching Orders for Sustainable Growth

Model everything to ensure you target the RIGHT things


Become a master of understanding intent


Indoctrinate SEO thinking throughout other departments


Cultivate a strong marriage between content & SEO


Create the business case before you build


Act quickly and always be testing

Specific SEO
Services We Offer


Blog Design

Article Writing

Transactional content (PDPs, PLPs)


Site architecture

Internal linking

Crawl optimization

Core web vitals

Structured web data

Link Building

Passive link campaigns

Guest posting


Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in Old Thinking 

Having success early and often is great, but it can also lead to getting set in your ways. If you aren’t adapting and building for where Google is going, it catches up with you. The longer you milk an outdated strategy, the bigger the hole you dig and the longer it takes to recover once you get dinged.

Stuck at the 1-Yard Line

Knowing that it will take six months (or longer) to reap the rewards from an SEO investment can keep many brands from making the leap of faith. I promise you: it was painful to be a brand heavily reliant on Facebooks Ads when iOS 15 rolled out. When you delay SEO, you delay the channel that could most help you lower your CAC as your company scales.

Lead with Grit and Grow SEO with Confidence

We aren’t magicians, but we do have a tendency to work some SEO magic