How it Works

Step 1: Make an Introduction

Step one is facilitating an introduction with the client you believe would be a good fit for us. Email or text works great!

Step 2: Contract signed

Once you've made the intro - it's our job to discern the fit and then move towards signing a contract. If we sign a contract we will let you know the value of the contract and provide a link to our referral payment form.

Step 3: Get Paid

Once you fill out your referral payment form, we will follow up to finalize the setup of how we will compensate you. Commissions will be paid within 30 days of each paid invoice by the referred client.

Important Program Details

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  • 5% Commission Rate
  • 12-month duration from date of first payment
  • Contract value must be greater than $50,000 of annual value or greater than $10,000 per month if a shorter-term project
  • Referred customer must be a fully new client. The referral is not valid if Grit has worked with or been in conversation with the client before
  • You may receive a 1099 at year end for referral fees paid

Referral Payment Form