Which virtue means the most to you?

Gratitude is the virtue where I feel most comfortable — like most Southerners, manners were instilled in me from the highchair! — and Courage is where I feel most challenged, but Care is my linchpin. Every pot has a lid, the saying goes. Someone, somewhere needs every piece of content we write, edit, design, or produce. They may use it to make a life decision or simply a day-to-day decision. Or, maybe, it’s an article, blog, email, or social media post that makes you think, smile, or wonder. I care about what we’re creating here and the people who make it possible.

What is your biggest achievement at Grit?

I’m a new addition to Grit, but I’m already proud of our work to help pet families on betterpet and families of all types find a new home on Opendoor!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a parent of two dogs, one cat, and oh yes, two children, so much of my time is spent with them. Teenagers keep you on your toes, and my two are no different with interests from theater to the outdoors. When there’s time, I read, swim, practice yoga, and put together puzzles, a COVID habit I can’t seem to kick!

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René Fielder COO, President of Agency Services

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